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Agriculture commodity traders offered unique capabilities for real-time cargo visibility, predictive waste prevention, carbon credits, and more. ‍ June 7, 2023: DCX, a global operator of sustainable platforms for agri commodities based in Singapore, and Centaur, a provider of turnkey data services for sustainable supply chains with offices in California and Greece, have agreed to…

calendar icon 07.06.2023

October 04, 2022 We are excited to announce that SGS and Centaur have joined forces to create a new solution, Cargo Predictive Modeling, for agricultural commodities in transit. For detailed coverage, please visit this link.

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With this release of the shipment risk simulation app, Centaur brings its digital-twin technology for grain management to maritime ag logistics, where no similar solution existed before.

calendar icon 25.02.2022

An important addition to the Centaur IP portfolio, addressing digitally monitored Post-Harvest Crop Quality and Pest Management applications.

calendar icon 22.05.2019

A paper published by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, the leading Ag research institute for post-harvest science, provides validation for Centaur’s sensors and Internet-Of-Crops® platform. Centaur is pleased to be part of this important work.

calendar icon 06.05.2019

Centaur’s founder and CEO, Dr. Sotiris Bantas, is hosted on the Peggy Smedley Show. Together with Peggy, they discuss food waste, food safety, digitization and traceability in the supply chain.  

calendar icon 15.01.2019

The company welcomes post-harvest solutions leader Detia Degesch GmbH and 
Marathon Venture Capital to its group of investors, as it accelerates the delivery of the 
first trusted quality chain platform powered by analytics for grains and key commodities.

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