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Shipping Grains the Long Way Around Suez

calendar icon 19.01.2024

In light of the recent disruptions in the Red Sea caused by Houthi rebel attacks, we at Centaur stand in solidarity with all traders, logisticians, and shipping crew members who are navigating these unprecedented times. We further thought it would be useful to bring our technological solutions to your attention, and extend an offer for a free service which may prove useful.

Analyzing Cargo Risks

With the necessity of rerouting vessels to avoid the Suez Canal, transit times have increased, leading to extended delivery periods, increased emissions, and costs. Our latest Vessel Hold Analysis solution is designed to tackle these very challenges, as it helps model risk for grains and oilseeds during extended transit or demurrage.

Simulated Case Study: Soybean Cargo Transit

Let’s illustrate the value of all this with a simulated case study: A cargo of soybeans, typically shipped from LatAm through Suez, now takes a detour around the Cape of Good Hope. Centaur’s Vessel Hold Analytics tool modeled two scenarios – the original route versus the longer detour. The results were eye-opening. The longer route exposed the cargo to varying atmospheric conditions, affecting moisture levels and potential spoilage risks more adversely. Our simulation predicted the quality of soybeans upon discharge, providing actionable insights for pre-emptive measures.

analyzing grain routes

What You Can Do

Armed with foresight by thse analytical tools and visual reports, several corrective actions may come at your disposal, such as:

  • Selecting a different port of discharge, if possible.
  • Coordinating with the trade execution team to request a blend of grains or beans with properties that can last better during the prolonged transit. Our software reveals that specific temperature/moisture combinations may earn you a few extra days of safe transit.
  • Coordinating with the shipmaster and the crews at the destination so that discharge can start from those holds that are closer to spoilage.

Free Analysis Offer

As the Suez Canal crisis persists, we are offering a complimentary analysis of your cargo. This is our way of supporting your efforts to maintain the quality of your shipments amidst these disruptions. Contact us to claim your offer.