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Complete Visibility, Premium Quality, Ultimate Control, from Farm to Fork

You strive to produce a high-quality product that maintains its pristine condition from the field, to the grain bin and all the way to the consumer. Centaur is your partner in this journey. We build cutting-edge technologies to transform the supply chain into a trusted, global, end-to-end quality chain.

How are we doing this? Centaur Internet-of-Crops® uses Smart Sensors and Artificial Intelligence to offer unprecedented visibility and insights into stored and transported crop conditions, so that premium quality can be delivered every time. Harnessing the power of advanced sensors, explainable AI, and predictive modeling, Centaur Internet-of-Crops® revolutionizes the way products are monitored, managed, and traded.

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The Internet-of-Crops® Tracks and Protects What You Harvest

The Internet-of-Crops® platform provides unique insights to maximize quality and fully prevent post-harvest loss for sustainable supply chains. Data from sensors placed in grain silos, warehouses and containers is combined with environmental information and predictive models to recommend appropriate interventions that maximize stored crop quality. Furthermore, post-harvest crop conditions are tracked and made available at the click of a button, offering quality reporting from farm to fork, and augmenting traceability and proof-of-provenance.

Product quality conditions are traced and tracked, enabling a Post-Harvest Quality dataset that verifies product condition, 24x7.

Unique, innovative analytics include Predictive Grain Quality, and Cognitive Insect Mortality for pest treatment.

A flexible API is available for easy integration with third-party IT systems and blockchain ledgers.

A suite of tools helps achieve hassle-free compliance with traceability requirements, phytosanitary export regulations (e.g. ISPM-15, BMSB), and various food safety standards such as GFSI, BRC, IFS, FSSC, AIB.

The Future of Storage Management,
Available Now

Leveraging patented, military-grade technology, Centaur Smart Sensors are the only enterprise-grade, scaleable solution able to sense the most data
from any bulk storage environment: grain bins, elevators, warehouses, mills, barges, Panamax vessels and containers. Enriched with cutting-edge analytics in the
Internet-of-Crops® platform, these devices monitor and protect the entire product mass providing unprecedented coverage. Key features include:

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Out-of-the-box activation in minutes, make this a one-stop IoT solution for all your data capture and analysis.

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Ruggedized and enterprise-grade, designed to withstand the harshest pest treatments and extreme climate conditions.

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The most data of any storage monitoring solution, including in-grain CO2, moisture, accurate grain volume, phosphine, oxygen and more

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Sensor materials and design complies with stringent food supply chain safety requirements.

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Patented design and accompanying data methodology.

From Commodity, to Quality

We offer you a host of tools to store and market profitably. Getting on the Internet-of-Crops® enables you to leverage unprecedented quality control, which translates to premium prices and differentiated products. Here’s how selling on quality helps you earn more for your harvests and goods:

Predictive, proactive quality control and spoilage prevention defends the grade and condition of your goods, bolstering customer loyalty to your offerings.

Shared access to storage data allows buyers to make informed decisions and offer premium prices for your premium product.

De-commoditizing means selling on proven, digitally-certified quality which earns top place in any marketplace, be it domestic or international.

Market your data transformation project and attract new customers sourcing traceable, sustainably-produced crops and ingredients.

Here's what users across 5 continents
have to say:

I can’t tell you how pleased I am... it is showing us that the bin is not sealed as well as it needs to be as the product is respiring more than it should due to moisture coming in. This is really great stuff. Kudos to your team!

Centaur technology is our partner in the production of quality corn grain from farmers running "INNOVATION FARMS". - a powerful campaign for the quality of Pioneer® hybrids. We start from the seed and reach the warehouse and the end-user with excellent quality and production identity.

Centaur Internet-of-Crops® platform is a highly innovative approach, that uniquely addresses the quality control needs of the grain milling sector.

We are the first in Africa to use wireless phosphine monitoring from Centaur. No one else in the world is monitoring and managing containerized fumigation on such a large scale, so we have had to be very innovative.

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