Intelligent Pest Management and Fumigation

At last, reliable technology to remotely monitor and ensure successful treatments, all the time

Pests are the primary cause for food loss and waste. With mounting challenges such as climate change and insect resistance to chemicals, precision methods for fumigation have become imperative. Centaur offers unique, patented wireless sensors and cloud-based monitoring and analytics, to not just monitor and record treatments, but to also optimize for cost, efficiency and sustainability. This is simply the best technology invented to address post-harvest pest management, conceived by fumigators and implemented by leading engineers.

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Centaur sensors are a robust wireless solution that you can rely on.

  • Ensure 100% insect control and zero re-infestation risk. Monitor in the core of stored products to ensure exposure, discover leaks, mitigate insect resistance and avoid customer complaints.
  • Throw away those tubes and hoses! Spend minutes, not hours, to easily and conveniently set up sensors in silos, fumigation chambers, containers, bunkers etc. Fumigation concentration and temperature data flows effortlessly to your smartphone, eliminating the need for manual samples.
  • Meet stringent phytosanitary compliance and present digital fumigation records of value to regulators and customers.
  • Handle peak season fumigations cost-efficiently and safely, with finite personnel and fewer visits to the site.
  • Avoid overdosing. Use fumigant effectively, ensure sealing tightness and avoid costly top ups by keeping the gas contained in the fumigated volume.

Restricted personnel access due to COVID-19?
Monitor remotely with the power of the IoT and ensure business continuity.


Designed by leading experts in fumigation and pest control.

A host of resources, training materials and tailored support by our experts is part of our market-leading solution. Contact us now for a free evaluation.

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Raising the Bar and Restoring Trust in Fumigation and IPM


A complete system for precision fumigation and pest management, which includes:

  • Patented, wireless Smart Fumigation Sensors, for accurate, real-time fumigant concentration and product temperature data.
  • Centaur's Internet-of-Crops® is a robust data platform which eases data collection in any situation, worldwide. A Global SIM card is included.
  • Support for various fumigants, including phosphine (PH3), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen, and Heat Treatments for structural fumigation.
  • Precision analytics with kill-rate predictions, based on lab-proven insect mortality datasets (for all insect stages; adult, larvae, eggs, progeny).
  • A growing knowledge base with datasets for a wide array of crops and warehouse pests, under various insect resistance profiles and climate conditions.
  • Calibration methods that provide for accurate, field-serviceable sensors.
  • Bespoke consulting and entomological research support available. We help identify your pests and design the best methods to eliminate them, sustainably and traceably.

The most advanced data solution for post-harvest crop protection


Beyond just monitoring, cloud-based simulation technology empowers you with unprecedented control and precision.

  • While monitoring with Smart Fumigation Sensors, a digital twin simulation runs behind the scenes. This is leveraging powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology, bringing the power of the cloud to your fumigation operations!
  • Complex effects such as product sorption, leakage, ambient climate conditions are modeled to estimate fumigant distribution and insect mortality.
  • Simulation output is presented in the app with intuitive, predictive metrics and notifications, allowing you to control treatments with ease and precision.

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