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Manage your Grain with Award-Winning Technology

Your hard work doesn’t end with harvest. With the Internet-of-Crops® platform, you can safeguard your grain’s quality from the moment it’s stored.

Enjoy peace of mind and enhance the marketability of your crop with CO2 and moisture monitoring, spoilage alerts, automated aeration and more.

With Centaur, post-harvest quality becomes predictable

Our smart sensors and predictive analytics provide precise, real-time data on temperature, moisture levels, and carbon dioxide concentrations, ensuring you stay one step ahead of any spoilage.


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Bring AI to your Grain Storage, for Safety and Profit

I can’t tell you how pleased I am… it is showing us that the bin is not sealed as well as it needs to be as the product is respiring more
than it should due to moisture coming in. This is really great stuff!

— J.P. Rhea, Rhea Brothers G.P.

Powered by a Unique, Digital Twin Methodology

Leveraging cognitive and simulation technology into agriculture, Centaur’s grain monitoring solution watches over the entire grain mass for any quality problems – including in the center of the bin and all areas prone to hotspots.

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Remotely monitor grain storage assets

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Make more efficient use of time

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Minimize risk of discounts due to quality, with timely predictions and alerts

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Reduce energy costs for aeration

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Achieve premium pricing with identity preservation

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Enjoy peace of mind!

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Get Started with the Internet-of-Crops®


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Centaur sensors bring wireless monitoring of grain conditions and quantity. Data is safely stored in your private account on the cloud.

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Grain level is reported in real-time, helping you make timely decisions on inventory (e.g. cattle feed purchases).

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Temperature, moisture, and carbon dioxide concentration is captured inside bulk grain, and spoilage and quality are analyzed by AI.

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Hassle-free connectivity: we connect you to cellular data providers seamlessly - no SIM card required.

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The Internet-of-Crops® Platform combines stored product data with advanced digital simulation to predict the conditions and optimize aeration.

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Intuitive and user-friendly grain management app, can be accessed from your desktop or smart devices.