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Centaur for Malting Barley: Precision and Insights like never before

calendar icon 29.01.2022

Nothing better than a cold beer after a busy day at the field!

Climate change is affecting all human activities with agriculture, hence the production of food and beverages, facing a good number of challenges. The occasion of a pandemic, such as the COVID-19 increases the level of complexity and uncertainty even more. Brewing is a special case because it is heavily relying on two agricultural ingredients, barley, and hops, and it requires them to comply with very high-quality standards. Those quality standards and the large quantities required for brewing make the production, harvest, and storage of barley particularly demanding.

The above experiences and the challenges faced by the malting and beer industry have created a unique opportunity for Centaur® Internet-of-Crops®. This pilot has started with the harvest of 2021 and gave Centaur® the chance to prove its effectiveness towards one of the biggest beer producers in the world, which, in some of its regional facilities, covers its needs with in-house malt production.

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