Learning from Grain Data

The world is going digital and the grain supply chain will be forever transformed. We are hosting a series of free webinars with leading experts, presenting strategies and tools for bolstering supply-chain integrity with the latest technologies. See below for registration info.

Recent Webinars

Learning from Grain Data (Americas & EMEA)

We will present example data from grain storage monitoring cases and discuss aspects of sensor and IoT deployments in farms and elevators, focusing on topics such as:

  • Controlling moisture effectively and automatically to extend storage.
  • Data examples from spoiled and pristine condition grains.
  • Data examples from successful remediations (pest control, predictive aeration).
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Learning from Grain Data (Oceania & Asia)

We will present example data and discuss post-harvest crop protection and fumigation challenges with our guest experts. Topics that will be covered:

  • Latest research on insect resistance for stored crop protection
  • Data examples from successful fumigations
  • Using the latest tools and technology


Dr Manoj Nayak
Principal Research Entomologist and Leader of the Post-harvest Grain Protection Team of Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries, Brisbane, QLD

Mr. Simon Ball
Fumigation Expert (ret.)
South Australia

iconFebruary 25, 5pm AEDT REQUEST REPLAY

Past Webinars

Perfect Fumigations

Precision fumigation brings happier customers and enhanced product safety. Our expert panel shares their best insights on using wireless monitoring and data to avoid pitfalls and errors when fumigating with phosphine in silos, ships, warehouses and containers, with restricted personnel. Learn how to manage pests and prevent infestations while working from home.

A discussion with:


Extending Grain Storage in Uncertainty

Using monitoring technology for stored products to prevent hot spots, odors and losses. Our expert panel shares a scientific approach to extending the safe storage of grain within your silos, across your supply chain, and at your processing plant. Learn how to manage stored crops from a smartphone, even while working from home.

A discussion with:


Maintaining supply chain continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial and essential. Centaur launched a series of videos to share its knowledge and resources with agriculture and food businesses to assist in dealing with these unprecedented challenges.

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