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Hassle-Free Grain Monitoring: Instant Installation, Even in Filled Bins!

calendar icon 01.10.2023

As the agricultural sector hurtles towards a more tech-driven future, the job isn’t just about producing; it’s about predicting. Centaur’s state-of-the-art Internet-of-Crops® platform transforms real-time data into actionable insights, ensuring your grain remains at optimal quality. Our sophisticated software detects and warns against potential spoilage well in advance, allowing for timely interventions. By analyzing temperature, moisture, and CO2 levels, Centaur offers a dynamic, weather-aware model that adapts to live grain conditions, vastly outpacing traditional monitoring methods.

Centaur’s innovative grain monitoring system is designed with both efficacy and simplicity in mind. Smart Crop Sensors, tailored for immediate placement from the top of storage assets, can be effortlessly installed, even in bins that are already filled. This means no downtime, no tedious setup, and no interruptions to ongoing storage operations.

But ease of installation doesn’t mean a compromise on performance. Quite the opposite! Once set, our sensors continuously track vital parameters such as temperature, moisture, and CO2 levels, providing real-time feedback. This invaluable data, when merged with Centaur’s AI-driven Internet-of-Crops® platform, offers predictive insights, giving early warnings against potential grain spoilage and assisting in optimal storage condition maintenance.

With Centaur, the promise is clear: simple setup, sophisticated monitoring, and safeguarded grain quality from farm to shelf.

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