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Centaur announces issuance of US Patent on wireless sensors for crop quality and pest management

calendar icon 22.05.2019

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA – May 21st, 2019 – Centaur Analytics, Inc., a company creating the post-harvest quality chain for agricultural crops and food, announced today the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US patent 10,296,863 covering wireless sensor devices for digitally monitoring Post-Harvest Crop Quality and Pest Management. This proprietary technology is applicable for agricultural grain and food companies working to ensure the pristine quality of bulk food commodities across the global food supply chain from farm to processor.

Centaur has made a breakthrough in the creation of smart, wireless crop sensors and Internet-of-Things infrastructure underpinning its award-winning Internet-of-Crops® platform, the leading digital crop storage system. With the unique capability of gathering high accuracy readings remotely within bulk commodities at key points across the food supply chain, this ground-breaking wireless sensor, combined with artificial intelligence, detects and predicts early warning signs and risks for quality issues, such as variations in moisture, mold and dry matter loss, safe storage time, and sub-optimal pest treatments if fumigation may be required.

“We are confident that Centaur’s growing patent portfolio will make our Internet-of-Crops platform the long-term choice of major grain and food companies wanting to profit from visibility and advanced control of post-harvest crop quality, safety and reduced waste,” said Sotiris Bantas, PhD, CEO of Centaur Analytics. “This patent is an important component of Centaur’s intellectual property portfolio for our ambitions to create the global, post-harvest quality chain for grains.”

Centaur is rapidly creating the leading technology to maintain grain in high-quality pristine safe condition from the farm all the way to the consumer. Centaur builds and leverages digital technologies to transform a traditional supply chain into a trusted, end-to-end, post-harvest quality monitoring chain offering unprecedented visibility and insights into stored crop conditions to bring the in-depth data and new predictive metrics needed by advanced digital supply chains of leading companies so that profitable adjustments can be made and quality can be known in advance.

Media Contact: Antonis Tzounis,