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Centaur Technologies

Centaur Technologies P.C. (MIKE) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Centaur Analytics, Inc. It is a full-stack Internet-of-Things (IoT) company developing wireless sensor electronics and cloud software for data monitoring and analytics. As a group, Centaur is focused on Stored Product Protection for the food industry and logistics chain. Its specialties include web and mobile software, wireless electronics, semiconductors, simulation and analytics techniques.

The company was founded as a dynamic high-tech startup in Volos, Greece. In 2016, Centaur attracted investments from a consortium of VC and angel investors from Israel, US and Greece. In the course of this fundraising the company set up a parent operating entity in the USA, Centaur Analytics, Inc., while it continues to develop its technology and products from its base in Greece.

Centaur has developed wireless sensors that can transmit reliably from inside containers, warehouses, silos, and can form ‘mesh’ networks for efficiently dispatching their data to the cloud. We also apply computer simulation techniques and data analytics methods for real-time monitoring of stored product conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity, ethylene, CO2 emissions) in order to determine the quality, safe storage time and spoilage risk of the product being stored. One of the problems we are addressing is monitoring the oncentrations of fumigants (such as phosphine) that are used for pest management of stored products such as grains, flour, dried fruits, tobacco and many others. Our gas sensors detect these levels and our cloud software enables real-time monitoring and enforcement of proper stored product protection protocols. Traditional methods have been being prone to human error, waste, safety hazards to people and the environment. We provide constant monitoring and online guidance for safe and efficient pest


Offices in Iason Building, Port of Volos

Funded Research Projects

Centaur Technologies has been an RTD performer in the following state-funded projects:

  • NanoFUM:  SWNT Carbon Nanotube Technology in Fumigant Detection
  • Ditect: Digital Technologies for the Continuous Transformation of Food Safety

Moreover, Centaur Technologies has received grants under the EPAnEK framework of the Hellenic Republic, as well as financing support from the Hellenic Development Bank.

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