Preserve grain  quality and Maximize profitability
Preserve grain  quality and Maximize profitability

Your customers deserve the best technology!

Centaur's Internet-of-Crops® and Smart Sensors bring a proven ability to:

  • Fully control your stored product quality and quantity, remotely.
  • Detect mold, spoilage and pest infestation in stored grain to prevent damage. Offering CO2 sensing with wireless monitoring of grain mass moisture and temperature.
  • Remotely access the latest conditions from your smartphone.
  • Remotely control aeration schedules to reduce energy usage, saving money.
  • Adopt traceability using a shared ledger (blockchain), and lock down price premiums with data-thirsty buyers such as mills.

How does this technology help growers and elevators make more out of their grain?

How it works:

Centaur's Internet-of-Crops® Platform maintains a digital twin of your grain storage and models day-to-day for changes in weather conditions that may impact grain quality and shelf-life. Using easy-to-install, patented wireless sensors, powered by Artificial Intelligence, even subtle changes in moisture, temperature and CO2 are monitored inside the bin. When conditions are favorable to mold formation, mycotoxin, or insects, the system alerts you to take corrective action before spoilage occurs. Further automations include aeration fan management, fill level monitoring and fumigation management.

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