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Centaur’s white paper explores essential strategies and cutting-edge technologies for optimizing post-harvest grain management. Access your free copy to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

calendar icon 30.04.2024

 It has been established with laboratory and field trials that spoiling grain produces higher CO2 levels compared to good quality grain. This is usually

calendar icon 16.06.2021

Download our new e-Book on digital fumigation methodology. We showcase examples of how digital tools can play an important part of the new era of ‘Industry 4.0’ fumigations, and help solve your needs for monitoring, visibility, transparency and sustainability initiatives.

calendar icon 18.12.2020

Maintaining supply chain continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial and essential. Centaur is providing resources and technology to support the businesses that are feeding the world, in overcoming these unprecedented challenges.

calendar icon 04.04.2020

Mycotoxins in stored grain are a public health hazard and a cause for food and feed recalls. How can the Internet-of-Things and A.I. help eliminate it?

calendar icon 06.09.2019

Centaur and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) have released a special report on how a digitized supply chain, using

calendar icon 02.06.2019

This article, authored by our renowned grain technology expert Prof. Navarro, provides an overview of sealed storage methods.

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