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Author: Faye Beligianni


With this release of the shipment risk simulation app, Centaur brings its digital-twin technology for grain management to maritime ag logistics, where no similar solution existed before.

calendar icon 25.02.2022

Artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies have already proven game-changers in many industries.

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USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (, the leading Ag research institute for post-harvest science, used and validated Centaur’s Internet-Of-Crops™ platform and wireless sensors at their Manhattan, Kansas research facility. A recently published article presents the study which focuses on digital monitoring of fumigation on wheat grain, stored in metal bins. Centaur is pleased to be part…

calendar icon 17.09.2021

Download our new e-Book on digital fumigation methodology. We showcase examples of how digital tools can play an important part of the new era of ‘Industry 4.0’ fumigations, and help solve your needs for monitoring, visibility, transparency and sustainability initiatives.

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Innovation in Agriculture panel

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Watch our video with tips and examples for sustainable fumigations, based on digital monitoring technology.

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Maintaining supply chain continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial and essential. Centaur is providing resources and technology to support the businesses that are feeding the world, in overcoming these unprecedented challenges.

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