Upcoming Event: Centaur at Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit

Bringing food and technology together, from farm to fork and beyond

Following up on a successful SXSW in Austin, TX, we’re heading to Milano, Italy, May 8-11, 2017, for the second annual Seeds & Chips Global Innovation Summit. We’ll be exhibiting with hands-on demos of our Internet-of-Crops software platform and a preview of the wireless stored crop protection sensors.  We will also be participating in discussions on crop data & security, creating traceability and accountability in the global food system, and how precision agriculture doesn’t end when our food leaves the field. As the event gets closer we’ll post more details on where to find us.

Unlike many conferences in AgTech which are either primarily food-focused, or technology conferences with a spot for agriculture, Seeds & Chips focuses on the intersection of food & technology as our global food system has become ever more connected and vulnerable, but with real potential for abundance for everyone. In their own words:

Food Innovation concerns the whole food chain, from farm to fork: the increasing world population and protein consumption, climate change, scarcity of available resources, socio-demographic changes, protection of health and irreversible and overt changes in the processes of choice and purchase are all important to food innovation. We are changing the ways in which food is produced, processed, distributed, communicated and consumed. Never before in history has man faced challenges so urgent and never before has he had access to the technological infrastructure to address them, and still there remains so much potential to be discovered.

Seeds & Chips has a great line-up of speakers and sessions including a keynote address from President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, Phil Hogan of the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Luigi Bonini, Senior VP of Global Product Innovation for Starbucks, Danielle Nierenberg, Founder & President of Food Tank, and many others from food & tech start-ups and global businesses alike. We’re honored to have our CEO, Sotiris Bantas, included in this group of individuals, companies and organization working to make our food and crops healthier, safer, and abundant for all.  









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