Eliminating food waste
one crop at a time

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Connecting crops with wireless technology
for a safer and abundant food supply

From the time a harvest leaves the field until it reaches store shelves, Centaur tracks its journey monitoring for infestations and prescribing early interventions to prevent needless spoilage.

Powerful analytics for safer solutions

Monitoring and analyzing crop data is a start. The real power lies in using it. Our software will suggest effective treatments to imminent and current crop threats using our robust Cognitive Pest Management tools including:

  • Dosing and duration of treatment protocol
  • Innovative fumigation (e.g. phosphine) treatment, Heat Treatment (HT), and Controlled-Atmosphere Treatment (CAT)
  • Customizable monitoring like alarms and notifications that you create, such as temperature differentials, fumigant concentration levels, and CO2 emissions

Intuitive, actionable data at your fingertips

Our proprietary platform invites an ancient industry to meet the modern age with a range of capabilities that work with any mobile device or browser:

  • Customizable, real-time sensor panel and time chart views
  • Mobile-first, touch-friendly user interface
  • Single-click generation of printable reports
  • Industry standard data security

The world’s first platform for stored crops protection

Cognitive Pest Control
No more guessing. Our intelligent analytics monitor pests in real time with algorithms that instantly deliver accurate treatment prescriptions. Our Cognitive Pest Management (CPM) methods ensure complete pest eradication and provide real-time estimates for insect repopulation.
Heat Treatment
Save energy and ensure purity. Heat Treatment (HT) is a highly efficient and totally clean method for pest management and industrial sanitation. Our system intelligently controls and monitors HT, cutting down energy costs while keeping efficacy to 99.9%.
Eradicate pests while you protect the environment. We use Cognitive Insect Mortality (CIM) data to prescribe the ideal dosage and duration for fumigation treatment to prevent unnecessary chemical use, safeguard your precious products, and protect the ecosystem.
Prevent spoilage before it happens. Our predictive analytics minimize threats early and deliver healthier, safer harvests to the world’s tables. Predict Safe Storage Time (SST) and risk for mold as well as Dry Matter Loss (DML) for a variety of stored crops. Use multiple sensor inputs for real-time estimates and avoid surprises.

Smart Crop Sensors:
the missing link in
stored-crop protection

Our sensors are nothing short of the missing link in harvest safety. Ruggedly designed to withstand direct fumigant treatments, Centaur sensors transmit in real-time from any storage container with no required infrastructure. After a simple install procedure, connect your crops to the Centaur platform and customize your crop-specific sensor monitoring for your silo, storage, or food transportation system.

Track and access a versatile set of crop data including climate and gases with cloud connected technology that instantly informs you of potential and current spoilage. Get accurate and targeted treatment prescriptions and monitor their success in preventing or limiting crop loss with one click. Each sensor package is optimized for a variety of crops including grains, rice and cereal, coffee, tobacco and hemp products, and fruits and nuts. Speak with an expert to learn more.

"Centaur’s sensors and cloud platform are ensuring our quality flour products reach our customers in pristine condition, all the time."
- Costas Marinou, Technical and Production Manager, Asopos Mills S.A.