Grain industry turns to tech precision to improve margins: founder reflections from IGC 2017

By Vasilis Sotiroudas, Founder & CCO

As always, the International Grain Conference (London, June 6, 2017) has been an excellent source of information on grain price trends, world stock quantities and expected yields in today’s grain industry.

Dr. Seth Meyer of the USDA in his excellent presentation pointed out the combined effect of high stock levels and flat prices. This highlights the increased need for advanced storage systems which could help recoup waste and ensure high quality, thus relaxing margins for producers.

In his talk, Ian Mitchell of the Centre for Global Development spoke about regulatory change and the emerging need for millers to control hygiene, quality and pest infestations. As the industry weans off of Methyl Bromide (an effective fumigant, but unfortunately has been harmful for the environment) precision monitoring of treatments and holistic pest management systems emerge as requirements. Losing precious stock because of spoilage and infestations during storage shall not be acceptable in the age of the Internet of Things!

As the grains industry braces for tighter margins, food safety trends mandate precise monitoring of quality and storage conditions to proactively safeguard quality. Luckily, technology now allows for the first time, for real-time, algorithm-supported evaluation and quality control. At Centaur, we develop the “eyes” that look after the grain in silos, mills, ships and all around the supply chain. We develop solutions, not just sensors. We not only provide information on grain condition; we protect it 24/7.

Will the ever tighter margins in the grains market allow technology to be adopted? Speaking to our customers who are setting a high bar for quality in their own operations and products, we are confident that safe grain is not optional for them. It’s a commitment to the world.

Centaur was present at IGC 2017, demonstrating its innovative precision fumigation and monitoring solutions for the grain industry. We thank everyone who came and spoke with us, and thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations we had.



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