Centaur Inks Supply Deal with Detia Degesch, Global Leader in Stored Product Protection for Agricultural Commodities & Food Products

The partnership marks a major initiative by industry leader Detia Degesch, and AgTech innovator Centaur, to deliver cognitive, connected and precise fumigation solutions for better, safer products

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA AND LAUDENBACH, GERMANY  — May 8, 2017 —- Centaur Analytics, a leading AgTech IoT company developing sensors and software solutions that improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, announced today that it entered into a supply and collaboration agreement with Detia Degesch Group, a global leader in stored product protection solutions for commodities such as grains, wheat, rice, maize, soya, nuts, dried fruits, tea, coffee and tobacco as well as for processed food products. Under this agreement, Detia will promote and market Centaur’s integrated wireless sensors and IoT platform analytics using its global salesforce and will also use the Centaur solution throughout its own network of fumigation services. The joint offerings are slated for availability in Germany, United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and South Africa in the coming months.

“Both of our companies are deeply committed to reducing post-harvest risks and waste through advanced pest management solutions,” said Dr. Marco Rudolf, Managing Director of Detia Degesch. “There is an inherent synergy to this collaboration which will bring unprecedented benefits to all stakeholders in the agricultural product supply chain, from farm to fork. Detia Degesch has been protecting and treating the world’s crops and food supplies for over 175 years. The inclusion of Centaur’s solution within our portfolio underscores our commitment to protect the world’s harvested crops and food supplies with cutting edge technology, for decades to come”, concluded Dr. Rudolf.

This agreement comes at the conclusion of an extensive testing and field validation of Centaur’s Internet-of-Crops cognitive software and connected hardware technology, which has been aimed at substantially reducing post-harvest spoilage by providing precision phosphine fumigation monitoring methods. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO) estimates annual agricultural crop waste at 30%, with over 10% loss occurring during post-harvest storage, transportation, and processing.

“We are thrilled to have Detia Degesch, leader of post-harvest solutions, as a key partner in our mission to reduce the US$1 trillion in annual crop waste and food loss with our breakthrough technology”, commented Dr. Sotiris Bantas, President & CEO of Centaur Analytics. “Our joint customers in agriculture, food industry and pest management services should expect fumigation practices to change dramatically – to the better. Centaur’s newly launched wireless sensors and Internet-of-Crops cognitive data platform will bring monitoring of phosphine fumigation to unprecedented levels in terms of user-friendliness and reliability.”

Vasilis Sotiroudas, a renowned stored product specialist and food scientist who is a Centaur cofounder and Chief Commercial Officer added: “This partnership is a major milestone in the life of our company. I am more than intimately familiar with the Detia Degesch brands which is a hallmark of quality and reliability in the industry, having used Detia products myself in the field for several years. We have been working closely with Detia Degesch to reinforce fumigation practices and rise up to global challenges such as insect tolerance. I am very confident that the technology Centaur brings and Detia endorses will be an innovative solution for several years to come. The response from fumigators and customers who are experiencing it is nothing short of enthusiastic.”

Detia Degesch Group has been helping protect against, detect and treat the leading culprit of loss, pest infestations, with high quality fumigation products it distributes in over 120 countries. With the addition of Centaur’s signature Internet-of-Crops platform, end users in agriculture and food industry can now add the ability to monitor fumigations in real-time, while predicting and mitigating infestation and spoilage before they happen. The Centaur platform uniquely prescribes custom, targeted treatments that help keep the world’s harvested crops and processed food products safer, healthier and abundant. Centaur’s technology, based on its wireless sensors and cognitive insect mortality data analytics, streamlines the application of the fumigant of choice that Detia Degesch is well known for – phosphine.

Centaur recently announced its signature cloud platform for leading agriculture companies. The system intuitively fuses data from storage areas (e.g. silos, containers, warehouses), weather forecasts, as well as data streams from Centaur’s own storage monitoring and fumigation control sensors. This brings unique and unprecedented benefits. End users can now predict spoilage events months before they occur, plan and implement precision fumigation and pest management and track stored product quality in real-time with customized alerts and notifications. Registration is currently open to qualified users to participate in Centaur’s SaaS Beta Software. More information on qualifying for the 6-month trial is available here.


About Detia Degesch Group: Detia Degesch Group is one of the world’s oldest companies acting in the stored agricultural products industry with a 175 year history of success, and today, continues as a leading producer of stored product protectants with a worldwide distribution structure in over 120 countries. Detia-Degesch values and prioritizes:

  • 100% effectiveness, 100% human protection. Pest control must be effective, and humans must be protected just as effectively. Our research and development efforts, as well as constant improvements in our application techniques, are geared to this goal. The result is satisfaction of the requirements of professional pest controllers.
  • Quality speaks for itself. The highly qualified staffing and top-quality materials available in Germany made this country a clear choice for our production site: It has just what our quality products need. An extensive catalogue of patents and official recognition as a Test Laboratory for Stored Product Protectants further confirm the quality of our work.
  • Just as important: education, training, service. A product is only as good as its application. We promote effective and economical use of our products in user-oriented training courses, seminars and personal service – worldwide.
  • For a tomorrow worth living. Our commitment to reliability and quality remains. Our products contribute to control of pests that threaten to infest and damage stored products and other materials as well as control of hygiene pests. The high standards we set for our development, production, product and training programs ensure us a leading role in pest control in the future as well.

About Centaur Analytics, Inc.: Centaur Analytics is the first full-stack IoT provider of solutions that enhance the quality and safety of stored agricultural products. Our proprietary wireless sensors and cognitive, predictive and prescriptive cloud analytics enable precision fumigation and real-time monitoring of stored product condition. Our mission is to dramatically reduce the estimated $1 trillion of wasted crops annually, improving global food security and traceability from farm to shelf with equal parts engineering and imagination. For more information visit   

Press Contact: Alyssa Hoyt


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