Improving global food security with equal parts engineering and imagination

We’re passionate about a very big problem – world hunger. With 17% of food lost during storage and transit, millions of people struggle to feed their families. Created by an agronomy expert and software engineer, Centaur brings intelligent technology to history’s oldest industry, keeping crops healthy and the world happily fed.
Vasilis Sotiroudas,

As a child, Vasilis wandered the marbled hallways of the Ministry of Agriculture, where his father, Athanassios, introduced Greece to
the fumigants that would improve the country’s crop yield and safety. Years later, after studying agronomy at university and working with respected scientists in the field, Vasilis returned to the family business to work alongside his father. Bringing research and technology together, he synthesized the solution that helped solve the greatest challenge of modern farmers – crop loss control – and began cultivating the vision that is Centaur. Now with children of his own, his work is an extension of his family’s legacy. Adding precision and control to the world’s food supply chains, he hopes to improve global food security and transparency so all families can enjoy the benefits of a healthy and robust diet.

Sotiris Bantas,

Raised in the rawhide trade, an ancient profession tied closely to Greece’s rural economy, it was expected Sotiris would follow suit like the generations before him. But he dreamed in numbers and theorems, leading him to break with tradition, pursue engineering, and eventually settle into software development for the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley. When his friend Vasilis shared his emerging vision, Sotiris instantly recognized Centaur’s potential to remedy one of today’s most glaring contradictions: our ability to use technology to understand our physical world and the disconnect with how our food is produced. Returning to his roots, Centaur allows him to close the divide, integrating crops with the technology that makes food production safer and ultimately more democratic.

Leadership team
  • Ph.D. semiconductors
  • 15 years in Silicon Valley
  • Patents in machine learning & wireless ICs
  • Agronomist & Stored Products Specialist
  • Renowned expert in stored product protection & fumigation
Executive Chairman
  • XponentialWorks, Founder and Chairman
  • 3D Systems, Former CEO and Director
  • Harman International, Director of The Board
  • Singularity University, Core Faculty
  • XPRIZE Foundation, Innovation Board Member
  • Cooperhewitt Smithsonian, Board Trustee
  • EY regional entrepreneur of the year 2011
Advisory team
  • Big Data expert
  • Founded Metanautix (acquired by Microsoft)
  • Formerly at Facebook, Invisalign & CenterRun
  • 16 patents
  • Renowned global expert in entomology
  • Professor at University of Thessaly
  • Advisor to USDA on stored crops protection
  • Wireless systems expert
  • Advisor to major mobile & wireless companies and organizations
  • Formerly at Texas Instruments, Tracor Aerospace & Clemson University
  • 20 patents
Career Opportunities
Senior Backend Engineer - IoT Cloud
Volos • Full Time
Embedded Engineer of Things
Athens • Full Time
Analog/RF Circuit Engineer
Athens • Full Time
Senior Mechanical Engineer (Gas Sensors)
Athens • Full Time
Business Project Manager
Volos, Thessaloniki • Full Time