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Our Philosophy

We believe making healthy choices for your loved ones includes knowing that your food is safe to eat. After leaving the field, 17% of the world’s food products spoil – a loss that affects families all over the planet, especially in developing countries.

Our Solution

Centaur’s wireless technology closely monitors the world’s harvests to prevent loss and keep what comes to your table free from pests, mold, and excessive chemical use. It’s our commitment to the health of our ecosystem and your family.


of the world’s food products spoil during storage and transit.


trillion loss, affecting millions of people.

Total transparency from farm to shelf

In today’s industrialized food chain, it can be nearly impossible to really know where your food came from and how it was treated before reaching your local grocery store.
That’s why we created technology that fills in the blanks to give consumers purchasing power informed by supply chain transparency.

Real-time monitoring and control

From the field to the family table and all points in between, our cloud-based
technology puts the power to prevent spoilage in the palm of your hand.
Track your crops’ storage conditions 24/7 and intervene before anything spoils. Our unique solution works from the inside out, allowing unprecedented visibility into the core of your product.

Key Verticals

grains, rice & cereal
coffee / cocoa
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Working from the inside out

Using real-time data from sensors that move with each crop, Centaur gives the food industry an unprecedented capacity to track, monitor, and instantly adjust the conditions in which the world’s food is stored, preventing spoilage and reducing unnecessary chemical use.
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